I'm Julian, founder of Socialpump.

I'm a digital marketer with experience in working with businesses leveraging online marketing and online tools to develop them.

I have been working online full time since 2013, and over my years as an entrepreneur in the digital world I have specialized in many tools and strategies that I myself use on a daily basis. All of these are helpful in improving your business, your lead generation and your sales, and all of them are continuously being used by me and my team when managing several businesses online.

Since 2013 I have worked in several Online Projects such as Affiliate Marketing, Designing Websites, Selling Websites, Growing Social Media Accounts, Monetizing Social Media Accounts, Consulting Services, and so much more.

Socialpump made its transformation to a full digital marketing agency on 2020, after 2 years of growing and managing my own Instagram Marketing Agency, which allowed my clients to grow their Instagram community with targeted followers.

I grew and expanded my Instagram Agency while I was still working remotely for a big big business where we managed +2000 clients, and I applied everything that I knew to promote my own business. 

After a successful run with my Instagram Marketing Agency, I went all in and gathered the right team of people to expand my services, to offer absolutely everything that I use to grow my own business.

From website design, email marketing and social media, I have tested all of the services that we are offering. I have developed them myself and I take part in absolutely ALL of the projects (clients) of our agency, in the main priorities, main ideas, crisis management and emergencies. 

I have trained an awesome and friendly team of Digital Marketers that will make sure your business is thriving and expanding with the help of our services, and that you are having the best experience working with us.


We love communication and we will be in touch constantly! 

Looking forward to working with you and wishing you all the success.

Julian Trigo

SocialPump Co.

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