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Some people think email marketing is outdated, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing has been utilized since shortly after the birth of the Internet. It has evolved considerably since then and is still an incredibly useful marketing tool. Many entrepreneurs argue that email marketing is more important now than ever before, and we support this.

There’s a good reason 85% of U.S. retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics!


At its most basic level, email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. It is used to cultivate relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer loyalty, and more!

These campaigns are designed to generate leads and to get the conversation going to create trust and to close a deal. Our campaigns can also be designed for other purposes like growing your community or create awareness. To achieve these goals there are several methods.


There's an art into this, and we have the best artists!

The first step to starting an email marketing campaign is to gather an email list. You can collect emails with many different methods and you can also send Cold Email campaigns. For Cold Email campaigns you can use our Email Extraction service to get thousands of emails targeted for your business.


Full development of your Email Marketing Campaign to generate leads, brand awareness and a bigger community for your business.

Full Tools Setup, Campaign Launch, Personal Follow Up by our team to Optimize your Campaign.

We take care of developing your perfect email campaign.

We specialize in SALES FUNNELS DRIP CAMPAIGNS and Cold Email Campaigns for your new list of Emails.

On top of that, we will take care of installing absolutely everything you need to launch your campaign and track analytics. We even going to analyze those analytics and Optimize your campaign for you. 

We will leave everything running and we will also generate your first leads.

*If you didn't read details about our Email Marketing Tools Setup service, which is included in this plan, please take a look at it by CLICKING HERE.

All of the campaigns are developed in constant communication with you, and we will use all of the insights and information from your business to attract users to try your services/products.


Our campaigns are based in a marketing funnel containing 5 emails and a follow-up message.

The first email is usually a short presentation with a catchy Call To Action question in order to generate a conversation with the receiver.

The rest of the emails will gradually add more information of your business while showing interest in learning more about the receiver of the email, to generate trust, until presenting the final offer.



Take the most out of your list!

We will develop the perfect message to send to those users who didn't reply to your initial email in +2 days.

This strategy will generate a few more leads for your business from users that were reminded about the initial email. 
We take care of designing a non-intrusive message to remind the campaign's receivers about your initial email.


You will receive a campaign with 5 emails, and we will send a few more duplicated emails but with a few variations like a few open sentences, other subjects and other factors that you can change and test to improve your campaign and make it better.

This is your first step in optimizing your campaign to keep getting better results. Of course, we will guide you into how to keep improving your campaign.



That's right! We will set up all the tools necessary to launch your first campaign and to track the analytics of each campaign.

Don't worry, we will train you into how to use these tools.



We will send your first campaign, track analytics of this campaign like Click Through Rate, Open Rate, Bounces and more. 

After receiving and analyzing these stats, we apply changes to your campaign in order to optimize it. This will allow you to make the most out of your campaign and to reach out to your audience in a better way.

We test from Analytics received from the first campaign to new Subject Lines and Open Lines.


As we are going to be sending your first campaign and optimizing it for a second test drive, we can label all of the replies to that campaign with our Labeling System that will allow you to track Leads, Hot Leads, Not Interested Users and more. 

You will be able to check all of your emails in a more organized way, to reactivate old leads and to incentive hot leads with new offers.

Get your Email Marketing Campaign and start generating leads!

Don't have a list? Check out our Email Extraction service.


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$750 USD


  • 1 Marketing Campaigns (Funnel) with variations

  • Follow Up message

  • Tools Setup

  • Campaign Launch & Optimization

  • Labeling System

  • 1 Month Priority Support

  • Tailored Email Marketing. This personalized guide is specifically developed for your business to optimize your campaign and test variations, plus more ideas to profit from Email Marketing (PDF)

*More details at the bottom of the page


GET IN TOUCH via Email or via our Live Chat Support.

We are here to help!



When is my campaign going to be ready?
Your campaign is going to be ready in 1 week.

We need to do our research in order to develop the best strategy for your audience. We will be in touch throughout all the process and even after delivery.

Can I use my campaign with my own tools?

Of course! You can take our raw campaign and import it into any template from any email provider out there.

You can even add Graphic Design. 

We specialize in raw content and the main strategy and idea, you can then personalize it as you want and send the campaign with your current tools.

Can you set up and launch the campaign for me?

Yes, we can! This plan contains Campaign Development + Tools Setup + Launch & Optimization, and we will take care of absolutely everything while training you into how to use these tools to leverage the most out of them for your business.

Do you offer revisions?
We offer up to two (3) revisions for all the content.

You can take a look at first and let us know a few changes that you want to make, or even send us more ideas on top of the ones that we are bringing to the table.

*Revisions are available for the first 2 weeks.

How can I track Click Through Rate, Opens, Bounces and more?

For this, you need special software and tools, and we will take care to acquire and install these tools for you. 
We will guide you into how to use them too, although we will be managing the first launch to optimize your campaign, so nothing to worry here!

1 Month Priority Support

You will be able to contact us via Live Chat and Email to get a priority fast response from us for any questions you have regarding this service and the tools provided by us.

We will help you with any issues if you ever have one.

We will also help you with marketing recommendations so don't hesitate to use this 1 month of support to ask us anything about expanding your business using Email Marketing.


What is Tailored Email Marketing Strategy?

It's a PDF guide that we prepare individually to each client of ours who purchase an Email Campaign Development from us.

It's developed to guide you into how to optimize that same campaign and future campaigns. 

This guide is specifically developed for your business, and it also contains more Marketing Ideas to leverage and profit from Email Marketing. 

We make sure our clients understand the value behind this powerful and how to use it.


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