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This service is designed to help businesses that are lacking an Email Campaign strategy or that want to renew their current strategy. 

What we do is to install and link up all the necessary software and tools to send massive email campaigns. 

You can't send massive email campaigns from your regular email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) or you would be blocked, reported, flagged and even suspended for this.


Full Setup of all tools needed in order to launch massive campaigns for thousands of users.

There are tons of software and automation tools out there that make email marketing a breeze. 

You can also use track analytics like click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.  

With Email marketing, it’s incredibly easy to track your ROI. Everything is trackable with the use of email marketing software so you can determine who is opening your emails, who is clicking onto your site through your emails, and more.

We take care of leaving everything ready for you to launch your first email campaign.

We can train you into how to use these tools and how to leverage them to close deals, or you can always acquire our service for us to launch your campaigns and optimize them for you.


  • Business Email

  • Email Provider

  • SMTP Relay Provider

  • GMass

  • Labeling System to Track Leads, Hot Leads & Sales

  • Training to use the tools

  • 1 Month of Support

*More details on tools and FAQs at the bottom of the page

Everything ready to launch your campaign! 

You just need your email list and an email campaign to get the machine going.

You can get a cold email list or your campaign development from our services.


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$300 USD

Full Email Marketing Tools Setup


GET IN TOUCH via Email or via our Live Chat Support.

We are here to help!



What is a business email?
Great question! A business email is an email address associated with your website. Meaning an email ending in "" and for this, you need to have a domain. 

If you don't have a business email we will take care of creating one for you.

What is an Email Provider?
The Email Provider is where we are going to create the emails and from where they are going to be send. In our case, we love to use GSuite because it's super easy to use and yet super powerful. If you don't know about GSuite, it's the professional side of Google. A paid Google account for Businesses to manage Google's apps in a professional way.

We integrate all tools and use a great labeling system to keep all of your leads organized.

What is an SMTP Relay Provider?
This is the company in charge of actually managing the traffic of thousands of emails from your campaign. They are the ones that are going to be sending those thousands of emails using their servers. If GSuite (Gmail) is the place to create the campaign and launch it, the SMTP Relay Provider is the one carrying that campaign to each of its receivers.

We use SENDGRID as our preferred SMTP Relay Provider.

What is Gmass?
Also a great question. We already told you that we love to use GSuite for our operations. Well, Gmass is a plugin that can be integrated into GSuite email, which is actually a Gmail account with a few extra options such as the possibility to use your Business Email as your main email, so you can use your "" like a Gmail account.

Gmass (The plugin) is going to be integrated into your email account, and this plugin gives you the possibility to load huge email lists, personalize emails with specific data for each user, send a massive batch of emails individually to each user, track analytics like click-through rates, open rates, and bounce rates and create Auto Follow Up emails, to make the most out of your campaign, with automated emails send a few days later to users who didn't reply.

Those are some of the most important things that Gmass will be used for. It has many more tools to use and it's always being updated with more. We will teach you how to make the most out of them after setting it up.


Labeling System to Track Leads, Hot Leads & Sales
We will teach you our personal labeling strategy which is super simple to use and keeps everything organized.

Helpful to keep tracks of Leads, Hot Leads & Sales.

It gives you the chance to get back to old leads and re-activate hot leads among many other uses.

Training to use the tools

We will be providing a personalized video specifically developed for your case, and using the tools installed for you.

We will train you into how to use absolutely all the tools and we will also provide you with tailored recommendations into how to carry on with more campaigns, marketing ideas and how to close deals using Email Marketing.


1 Month Support

You will be able to contact us via Live Chat and Email to get a priority fast response from us for any questions you have regarding this service and the tools provided by us.

We will help you with any issues if you ever have one.

We will also help you with marketing recommendations so don't hesitate to use this 1 month of support to ask us a few things to improve your campaign.


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