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We will create a profitable Sales Funnel.

The sales funnel is each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer.

When you get traffic from an Ad, an Email Campaign, Google Search or other traffic methods, the users are going to land somewhere, your website, your Facebook page, etc.

This is where you need to have your Sales Funnel in place, to receive your visitors and guide them through the process of trusting your brand and purchasing your products/services.


While there are lots of words used to describe different sales funnel stages, we’re going to go with the four most common terms to explain how each stage works as a consumer goes from a visitor to a prospect to a lead to a buyer.

A visitor lands on your website through Advertisement, Google Search, Email Marketing or any other strategy. She or he is now a prospect. The visitor might check out a few of your blog posts or browse your product listings. At some point, you offer her or him a chance to sign up for your email list.

If the visitor fills out your form, she or he becomes a lead. You can now market to the customer outside of your websites, such as via email, phone, or text — or all three.

Leads tend to come back to your website when you contact them with special offers, information about new blog posts, or other intriguing messages. Maybe you offer a coupon code.

The sales funnel narrows as visitors move through it. This is partly because you’ll have more prospects at the top of the funnel than buyers at the bottom, but also because your messaging needs to become increasingly targeted.


Example applicable to all businesses

You run a fantastic Facebook Ad that drives traffic to a landing page. On the page, you ask your prospect to sign up for your email list in exchange for a lead magnet (a free reward). Pretty simple, right?

Now you have leads instead of prospects. They’re moving through the funnel.

Over the next few weeks, you send out content to educate your subscribers about your industry and your type of products/services.

At the end of your email blitz, you offer a 10 percent coupon off each customer’s entire first order. Bang! A lot of people from your list wants what you’re selling.

Next, you add those same customers to a new email list. You start the process over again, but with different content. Give them more ideas for how to use your products/services, free recommendations and more. Then you present a new product/service or suggest what could be useful for them offering a new coupon.

You can keep asking them to come back for more when you maintain this type of connection with your leads, expanding your clientele with new leads over and over again while retaining your current clients.



  1. Awareness: Facebook Ad to funnel people to your website.

  2. Interest: You offer something of value in exchange for lead capture.

  3. Decision: Your content informs your audience and prepares them for a purchase.

  4. Action: You offer a coupon or some reward your leads can’t resist, then begin marketing to them again to boost retention.



Step 1: Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior

The more we know about your audience, the more effective your sales funnel becomes. We will use tools and information to analyze your audience's behavior to understand what they like about your business, what they want to see and how to deliver it.

Step 2: Capture Your Audience’s Attention

The only way your sales funnel works is if you can lure people into it. This means putting your content in front of your target audience.

For this, there are several methods such as SEO to appear on Google, Email Marketing Campaigns, Organic Social Media Links or simply Paid Advertising. We always recommend going for Facebook Advertising with our Facebook Ads Management service.


Step 3: Build a Landing Page

Your ad or other content needs to take your prospects somewhere. Ideally, you want to direct them to a landing page with a can’t-miss offer.

Since these people are still low in the sales funnel, focus on capturing leads instead of pushing the sale.

A landing page should steer the visitor toward the next step. 

We need a bold call to action that tells them exactly what to do, whether it’s downloading a free e-book or watching an instructional video.

In this step, we will analyze with you the best strategy for the Landing Page's content to see which tools we use (text, audio, video, images, etc).


Step 4: Create an Email Drip Campaign

Market to your leads through email by providing amazing content. One or two emails per week should suffice.

We make sure our campaigns build-up to the sale by educating your market first. What do they want to learn? What obstacles and objections do you need to overcome to convince them to buy?

At the end of your drip campaign, we make an incredible offer. That’s the piece of content that will inspire your leads to act.

Step 5: Keep in Touch

Don’t forget about your existing customers. Instead, continue reaching out to them with new campaigns. You can always reach out to us when you need us to create a new funnel for a new product, service, holiday or any other situation that you can leverage to offer a discount or reward to your existing customers. You can always thank them for their purchases, offer additional coupon codes, and involve them in your social media sphere.


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  • Complete Sales Funnel Strategy

  • Audience's Behavior Analysis

  • Landing Page Creation for Lead Capture

  • 5 to 10 Emails for Email Drip Campaign

  • 1 Month Priority Support

  • Graphic Design for the Process


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When is my funnel going to be ready?

It takes from 14 days up to 21 days. We will be in constant communication with you throughout the whole process.

Do you send traffic to my funnel?

No, this can be done with several methods to drive traffic to your link. We recommend using our Facebook Ads Management service in combination with our Sales Funnels. This gives you hands-free growth for your business while we take care of sending high qualified leads to your high converting funnel.

Do you manage my funnel?

By managing funnels we mean managing Email responses and optimizing the email campaign.

No, this has to be done by you or your in-house team. 

We set up everything and leave the funnel working almost in auto-pilot, where you send visitors to the funnel and the funnel do the rest. With this being said, it does need someone managing it at least for a few hours per week, even more, if you want to optimize your Emails and Email Campaign.

You can learn to do this with our training guides and priority support, or you can go for our Email Marketing Campaign Management service + our Facebook Ads Management service.

Priority Support

Constant communication and support for your business.

We will also help you with Online Marketing recommendations and ideas to improve your sales even more. It's all that we want, for your business to grow exponentially.


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