We specialize in generating Warm Leads for our clients.

Our Lead Generation service is strictly for B2B. 

Best suited for Social Media Marketing services.

No need for an advertisement budget.

We will generate Warm Leads targeting your preferred niches to keep every connection relevant.

Receive weekly targeted connections and opportunities specifically generated for your business.

Reach out only to Warm Leads via Email.

They will be interested and waiting for your information!


With our service, you will be able to reach out to Warm Leads, which are targeted businesses that we contacted on your behalf to promote your specific service. These targeted business owners have agreed to receive more information regarding your specific service, and they will be waiting for your email.

We always make sure to make it relevant for the niche that we are contacting.

What is a Warm Lead?

We call Warm Leads to the businesses that have replied in a positive way to our first message, and have agreed to receive an email from you with more details regarding the specific service that we were promoting for you.

After a campaign is sent, warm leads are generated (positive replies to our campaigns) and we connect these warm leads with you by replying to them with a short paragraph letting them know that “our partners” (you) have been invited to the conversation to provide more details.

From here on, you can take care of the complete conversation while taking us out of the email thread.

You will receive your Warm Leads as emails in your inbox.

What do you have to do?

No hassle for you whatsoever. We take care of the process.

You just need to let us know a bit more about your service and the preferred niches that you want to target.

From there on, you will have to engage with the warm leads that we will be sent to your inbox, as they are going to be waiting to hear from you.

How do I contact these Warm Leads?

You have to do your best to write a great email from your end, to contact these Warm Leads who requested more information from you, and we can always share our recommendations.

You can target by niche and promote your services to a specific audience.

All the Warm Leads that we deliver, have already agreed to receive more information regarding your specific service.


We will never store any type of information from the businesses that we contact on behalf of our clients.

All emails that we contact are later unsubscribed and removed completely from our system.

More details on our safe practices for cold email lead generation can be found in our PDF presentation.


If you are a Digital Agency or a Social Media Manager and want to know if our service would be a good fit for your business, contact us to let us know more about what you do, and to receive our PDF presentation with all the details regarding the service.

Process, pricing, frequently asked questions, and all the details on how our service works can be found in our presentation.

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