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All the features are detailed at the bottom. Read carefully. After selecting a plan you will be able to contact us to receive final details and to schedule a call to see if you we are a good fit for your business. You can also request our Video Demo to see the process from our end.

  • Starter Plan

    50 to 75 Leads per month
    Valid for one month
    • Lead Generation: +50
    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Set-Up Time: 7 to 10 Days
    • On-Boarding Call
    • Campaign Set-Up
    • Account Manager
    • Guidelines & Support
    • Copywriting Included
    • A/B Test
    • Video Guidelines & Library
    • DWY Appointment Setting
    • Personalized Session (1)
  • Standard Plan

    100 to 150 Leads per month
    Valid for one month
    • Lead Generation: +100
    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Set-Up Time: 7 to 10 Days
    • On-Boarding Call
    • Campaign Set-Up
    • Account Manager
    • Guidelines & Support
    • Copywriting Included
    • A/B Test
    • Video Guidelines & Library
    • DWY Appointment Setting
    • Personalized Session (2)
    • Monitoring Call (1)
  • Advanced Plan

    Every month
    200 to 250 Leads per month / 3 Months Minimum
    Valid for 3 months
    • Lead Generation: +200
    • Duration: 3 Months Min*
    • Set-Up Time: 7 to 10 Days
    • DFY Appointment Setting
    • Monitoring Call (2)
    • Lead Management (We Book Calls For You!)

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%15 OFF

%15 OFF


Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation process works by generating positive replies out of our cold email campaigns that are going to be specifically developed to promote your services. 

This process starts by collecting targeted email addresses from businesses in a specific niche and location. We then filter this list to get a final list of the most relevant profiles. When all of this is done, we set campaigns and follow-ups to be sent to this list, and we take care of developing the cold email copy that will generate positive replies. This cold email will promote your business and your services. 

When a positive reply is generated out of these campaigns from someone requesting more information on your services, we label this reply as a Lead and send it out to your inbox for you to take over.

When these leads confirm their interest by replying to our outreach e-mail, they will be sent right into your e-mail inbox. We basically warm up these leads before introducing them to you. 




Our Starter Plan and Standard Plan are monthly plans, and you can take them out on a test run for a month.

Our Advanced Plan is charged monthly, but there's a minimum of 3 months in which you need to work with us to fully leverage all the opportunities that will be generated for you to get the best ROI possible out of this Advanced Plan.

B2B Businesses who are managing leads from cold email campaigns are leveraging only approximately %25 of the opportunities generated from a single campaign, as they only get to see the top of the iceberg and drop all communications with leads that didn't reply to their email, leaving a lot of profit on the keyboard.

A huge percentage of opportunities are missed when not following up with qualified leads who were interested in your service.

You will have instant opportunities in a cold email campaign, but also opportunities that can be sparked weeks and months after the original campaign was sent.

You need to follow up with qualified leads who showed interest in your service before.

This is why we will develop a process for you to follow, or we take care of this completely in our Advanced Plan.

Your account manager will guide you in managing these leads for up to 3 months. This means that a single month of our lead generation service will generate leads that you will be able to follow up with for up to 3 months and more, so if you think about it, a month of our service provides 3 months and more opportunities for your business if you follow our process and our guidance.




We lay down an ROI Plan for our clients, but this plan is developed under the timeframe of 2 to 3 months.

This is a proper time in which a single month of cold outreach campaigns will show their entire potential.

To not follow up our Lead Generation service with a proper strategy, you will be literally leaving money on your keyboard. In our ideal scenario, you will breakeven, and will even surpass your ROI in your first month. But we plan ahead 3 months for you to leverage the full potential of this.

Set-up Time

All plans require 7 to 10 days after the initial onboarding call to process the information, develop proper strategies, and set up all tools and resources necessary to send the first campaign. 

In these first days, we will start the guidance process where you will receive an introduction to our service and what to expect.

Onboarding Call

In this initial call, we will discuss your current sales process so we can get a better understanding of it.

We will also gather more information to develop a suited approach to generate leads and to properly guide you to manage these leads.

Campaign Set-Up

After the initial call, we will be developing the email sequence that will be used to generate positive replies. After finding targets and filtering the list of emails, we will set and send the campaign from our email address and domain.

We will send all the positive replies (Leads) generated from these campaigns to your inbox in order for you to take over.

*For more information on domains and email addresses used for this, please contact us or schedule a call by selecting a plan.

Account Manager

Your account manager will be monitoring the entire process and will be in constant communication with you.

Your AM will identify and report any issues that may be encountered in the process, to always improve your experience. We aim to keep all of our clients in the same line, progressing and generating a deeper connection with their leads in order to book calls and sell their service to qualified clients.

The main task of the Account Manager will be to monitor, report, and improve the lead generation process, and also to provide guidance and support to manage these leads.


As soon as our clients sign-up, we launch a private Discord Channel, where all the resources will be shared over the initial 3 months and where the Account Manager will provide personal support, videos, guidelines, and more.

We aim to keep all resources and conversations in one place and in the most organized way possible, in order for our clients to be able to access and follow our guidelines in an easy way.

You can install the Discord App on your phone to have an easy access point.

Guidelines & Support

Guidelines will be covered in the Discord Channel by Videos, Resources, Strategies, and more.

Support will be covered by your Account Manager, who will monitor the lead generation process and will keep you updated on your next step. You will be able to use your Discord support channel to ask your questions to your account manager at any moment, and we will be sending personalized video sessions specifically covering your leads, on top of the general video guidelines.

Your account manager will be in constant communication with you over the discord channel, and the videos will keep you guided during the entire process.


Copywriting & Templates Included

We will take care of the cold email copy, where we will be aiming to generate positive replies out of our cold email campaigns. We will also take care of the follow-up sequence for this same purpose. 

After generating the positive replies, they will be connected with you, and you will receive these as emails in your inbox, where you will be able to start the conversation with them by introducing yourself by using the strategies and guidelines that we will be sharing with you.

We will be sharing 2 possible templates and strategies to approach your leads, so you will be able to adapt them and use them at your convenience. Nevertheless, we will always encourage our clients to test strategies until finding one that suits them.

A/B Test

We will be performing A/B Tests on the Lead Generation process, and we will also deliver two templates that you can adapt and use to approach your leads.


In the Lead Generation process, we will be looking to increase the open rate and the reply rate of our campaigns by testing two different templates and different subject lines.

A/B Test should also be performed from your end when you approach these leads, and for this, we will be sharing two templates for you to adapt and test at your convenience.

Video Guidelines & Library

One of our most expected features that we are very proud and happy to announce is the Video Guidelines & Library that all of our clients are going to have access to.

As we build our Video Library, we will be developing videos with guidelines for our clients to manage their leads while we generate them. 

You will be able to see screen recordings while we explain strategies, tools, methods, and processes for you to generate more opportunities out of your leads.

This video library will be available for up to 6 months after completing the service for you to be able to rewatch how many times you want to continue leveraging your leads. 

All of these videos will be shared on your private Discord channel.

1 to 2 videos per week will be shared.

Personalized Video Sessions

Depending on your plan, you will receive several personalized video sessions from your account manager, where you will get a recorded session from your AM going through your leads.

In these sessions, we will analyze leads and will simulate our response to a few of these leads while explaining the process and strategies being applied.

We will also use these videos to share personalized recommendations with you.

These personalized videos will be useful because they will be done specifically for your leads and your business.

These sessions will have a duration of up to 20 minutes long.

Clients in the Starter Plan will receive their video on the second week of the month.

Clients in the Standard Plan will receive their videos on the second and fourth week of the month.

Clients in the Advanced Plan will receive their videos every week.

Appointment Setting (DWY & DFW)

Appointment Setting is covered under a Done With You package or a Done For You package.

We develop a process to manage these leads with a follow-up calendar, and we share appointment setting strategies for you to be able to schedule calls with these leads. We also walk you through this process, and we keep constant communication and support during the whole time. 

DWY Appointment Setting

In the DWY (Done With You) packages, you will be in charge of applying these appointment setting strategies and follow-ups, and we will guide you into how to do all this with our Videos and Personalized Sessions. Basically, we will generate leads that you will receive in your email inbox, and you will be in charge of engaging with them to schedule calls, but you will be able to apply our process, strategies, and guidelines. You will also have support available during the whole process.

DFY Appointment Setting

In the DFY (Done For You) package, we will take care of this process for you, with the objective of scheduling calls for your agency. We will process and manage the specified number of leads from this plan for your business.


Monitoring Call

If you are in our Standard or Advanced Plan, besides personalized videos and support, you will have monitoring calls throughout the month for us to monitor success and to catch up on priorities to improve your experience with our services. This will provide us the chance to make a more personalized follow-up with you and to better assist you in the process.

Monitoring Calls will have a duration of up to 40 minutes long. 

Clients in the Standard Plan will have 1 monitoring call per month.

Clients in the Advanced Plan will have 2 monitoring calls per month.