How to generate Warm Leads with Cold Emails

Updated: Apr 8

Yes, Cold Emails can generate Warm Leads, and we will show you how to do it, but in order to save you some frustration time because you sent thousands of emails and nobody has replied to you, you can do a few things that will help you skip some initial mistakes that we all do when starting with this strategy.

Let's start with the basics.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

Cold Email Marketing is the strategy of sending emails to well-researched targets (businesses) with the intention of a REAL business proposal.

As this is an unsolicited email to promote your services or products, there are a few steps to follow in order to do this right. Otherwise, you may end up generating more negative replies and spam reports rather than generating Warm Leads.

Cold Email is strictly for B2B strategies (Business to Business), as it's alright to approach to a business email address with a real business proposal, but not alright to push services or products to random people, as in some countries it's even against their laws as this goes against Personal Data Protection.

Let's say this again, Cold Email is for B2B only.

Thousands of businesses are using Cold Email in the right way to generate high quality warm leads from business owners that end up leveraging these connections. But in order to get here, you need to do things right.

Where to start?

The first thing to know is that Cold Email can be done absolutely free of charge in small numbers, so if you do this by yourself and without any paid resources, then you want to do everything in the most personalized way possible.

If you do this for free, the only cost involved here is Time.

There are a couple of steps that you will need to follow:

  • Define your niche to target: Who is your preferred clientele and where can they be found?

  • Define a source to get emails from: Where are you going to find email addresses from a specific niche and location?

  • Collect emails: Once you found targeted businesses you can collect their email addresses.

  • Develop your Email: Time to write a friendly short email introducing yourself and the intention behind your email.

  • Send your Emails.

STEP 1: Define your niche to target

Simply think about what specific business category could benefit the most from the service that you and your team are offering.

Define these categories and make some tests to see which one is generating higher reply rates. For example, your business approach may be great for Beauty Businesses but not for Car Dealerships. Test a few and you will find out.

STEP 2: Define a source to get emails from

Where am I going to find these emails? How can I do proper research?

Well, if you are an internet enthusiast you know your possibilities are endless!

I will share one of our favorite methods for when doing this for free: GOOGLE!

Simply go to Google and search for your preferred niche in your preferred location. That's it. Google Businesses and Google Maps will take care of the rest.

Sample Search: Beauty Businesses in Los Angeles

Results: Google will show pages of beauty businesses in LA.

Start opening those business websites and look for their email address on the CONTACT page. You can even research these businesses to see if they are a good fit for what you offer.

You can get creative and go to Google Maps, where you can get a list of local businesses in specific cities with their information. Open their website and check their emails.

Again, this will only take time, as you can repeat this with lots of niches and locations to get more email addresses.

Didn't find the email on the website? Check their Socials.

Instagram Business Profiles contains public email addresses most of the time.

STEP 3: Collect Emails

Now it's time to collect emails.

Try email batches of 50 to 100 emails to top up your chances of getting a reply.

If you know what you are doing and want to better select your leads, you can open their social channels, take a look at their profiles and see what areas could they potentially improve from working with you.

Some businesses may already have everything covered, and some others may need help in specific areas, so, if you have the time, this will help you improve your reply rate and the quality of your leads.

To be honest, it will make everything more worthy if you are doing this by yourself and manually.

STEP 4: Develop your Email

Now that you have your email list, all that is left to do is to develop the email copy that will be used to approach all of these businesses.

In our personal strategy and recommendation, the first email should always be an Opt-In email. A short email that will request permission from the receiver to send more details regarding a specific service for their business.

This first email should introduce you, your business, your reason to send the email and the place where you found the receiver's email address.

Something like: “Hi. My name is Julian from Socialpump and I'm contacting you because I found your website on Google Maps after performing a search for Beauty Businesses in Los Angeles.

My team and I are currently working with a few Beauty Businesses already, and we use Content Marketing strategies to drive visitors to our client's social profiles and websites for them to get more people interested in their services.

After taking a look at your Instagram profile, I would love to send you more information on how we could work together specifically with your beauty business to do the same.

Let me know if this would be something of interest to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.”

That would be an Opt-In email promoting Content Marketing services to Beauty Businesses in Los Angeles. The same concept applies to any digital marketing service. Pay attention on how we request permission to send more information.

IMPORTANT: Be careful with deceptive subject lines, as this is a red flag for Cold Email.

Do not use words or terms as “Free...” or “The best...”

Keep it honest and simple.

STEP 5: Send Emails

In this step, you can prepare a speech like the one above to copy and paste into the body of each Email. If you have the owner's first name, use it. Keep into consideration that if you copy and paste the same message, the message should contain personalized aspects, like naming their specific business category, or their specific location. Remember, personalized emails goes a long way.


After a few days of sending your first email, you can send a final email as a follow-up to people who didn't reply.

This email should be super short, asking the receivers if they had the time to check the first email that you sent.

It should be a simple reminder, and you can also let them know that you will be no longer contacting them if they are not interested or if they don't reply.

This follow-up should be sent after +3 days from the first email being sent, although most businesses usually prefer to send follow-ups after a week.

Remember to clarify that they will not be receiving any more emails from you after this follow-up, and make sure not to reach out to this email address never again.


If you are sending Cold Emails, it's necessary to have an Unsubscribe option for your receivers to stop receiving emails.

You must give the receiver the choice to not receive any more emails, and you need to respect that choice.

If you do this manually, there are lots of apps that will merge with email providers like Gmail to allow you to add Unsubscribe links and to never contact unsubscribed emails again.

You can also let the receivers know that they can reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE or NOT INTERESTED to stop all communications.


Cold Email can be done by anyone, but it's always better to do things right.

There are some important aspects to keep in mind that we will go more in-depth in following articles, such as the difference between SPAM and Business Proposals, GDPR Compliance, and countries with severe restrictions that you have to take into consideration when targeting businesses. (Feel free to google these yourself)

You will find a lot of reactions when it comes to Cold Email marketing, but the reality is that lots of small businesses and start-ups can use this strategy in the right way to generate connections of great value to each other.

If you do things right, you will let the receivers of your emails know where you got their information from, why are you approaching them, and you will give them the chance to unsubscribe from your emails or to stop all communications right in the first email that you send.

Do things right...

It's funny how big massive multi-million dollar companies can call to your house, send emails or send letters to your house at any moment in any part of the world without them telling you where they got your information from.

If you do things right, you will be alright.

There is a way of doing Cold Email Marketing in the right way, so, if you want to improve your skills in this strategy, keep practicing and stick around...

Interested in the strategy but don't have the time?

We can take care of all these steps in a more improved and efficient process to generate Warm Leads for your services.

We can take care of all the hassle for you to contact only Warm Leads generated from our Cold Email campaigns. Want to know how? Contact us or take a look at the Our Services page.