How to reply to Warm Leads

In Cold Email marketing, everything starts by researching and collecting a list of emails to reach out to.

After collecting your targeted emails, the next step is to reach out to these potential prospects.

The first email that is sent in this sequence is an opt-in cold email that is meant to introduce ourselves and our services. This email will request permission from the receiver to allow us to send a more detailed email regarding our specific service.

When a positive reply is generated from our opt-in cold email, we now have a Warm Lead.

How do we proceed?

The email that is going to be send up next, can make the difference between generating a second reply from these Warm Leads, or no replies at all.

This email should be concise and go straight to the point.

This email should explain how the service works and the process behind it.

Now, if you do have more time in your hands, then go ahead and add some personalized words to it. In fact, I encourage you to do this as it will go a long way.

Check their social channels, speak directly about their business, their visual content.

You can take a look at the areas where you can help the most, and even describe short personalized strategies that would fit perfectly with what they do. This will improve your chance of getting a second reply.


Take a look at the following sections that we use in our emails to share details regarding our services.


Write a simple About Us paragraph, letting the receiver know who are you, and what you do, to generate trust and a more solid connection. Don't be too serious, simply blend it in your email.

Sample: “Hi. I'm Julian from Socialpump. I'm contacting you because I run a Lead Generation service that is currently working great for Digital Agencies and Social Media Managers...”


You then are going to highlight key points of your service in one simple paragraph or two, explaining the Process while mixing it with the benefits. (Short paragraphs)

These are the 3 opening lines in all of the sentences used by us in this part of the email:

With our process, we are able to …..” {Explain what you can do in a way that sounds appealing to them}

The way this works is by....” {Let them know basically how this works}

We take care of....” {Let them know which tasks are you going to be taken care of, and highlight how you will be taking care of all the hassle for them}

After writing that information, we send the Leads to check the details of the service by using a website, a PDF Presentation, or by simply writing these details on the email.

Take a look at our PDF presentation to see how the process works, pricing, frequently asked questions, and reviews. All of this information can be also found on our website at...”



You will then move on to the details, which can be shared in the same email as text, or simply sharing a link to your website.

Our favorite way is to use a PDF presentation, inviting Warm Leads to take a look at these details by checking our PDF presentation attached to the email, but you can use your website, or send the information in the same email as text.

Here are the sections that we personally use in our PDF presentation.

All of these are optional, but we recommend including the sections “How does it work?”. “Our services”, and “Plans and prices” to your email:

How does it work?

Use a fairly long paragraph to explain in a detailed way how does your process work.

Our services.

Here is where we detail the specific service we are offering.

We include a list of features included in the service, and a simple sentence explaining each feature.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We personally include 10 questions frequently asked by people interested in signing up for our service. This will add credibility and it will explain a few things that may have been left out in the “How does it work?” section.


If you have reviews, you can use them in this section. We took screenshots of our reviews and we added them to our PDF presentation, but you can use your website, or even have a link to the place where you are hosting the reviews.

Plans & Prices.

This is where we detail each plan, the duration of the plan, and the price.

We also include the features included in each plan once again, but this time we do not explain the feature, we just add it to a list below each plan.

Terms and Conditions.

We explain our Terms and Conditions in 2 paragraphs, and we add a refund policy that will generate more trust among your Warm Leads.

Again, this can be a link to your website or can be optional.

Discount for First Time Clients.

This is a personal strategy from our end, where we add a %10 discount to test our services for the first month.

We simply add a highlighted sentence letting people know about this discount.

We must say it's working great for us.

Contact Options.

Include your website, email address, phone number (if applicable), live chat (if applicable), and all of your available contact channels.

If you have Social Channels, use them here too.


Something to take into consideration here, is that your Warm Leads are giving you the chance to explain how your service can help them, and how your service works. They are also giving you the chance to speak about prices, as they know it's a paid service.

Leverage this situation by sending them all the details and by specifically addressing their questions.

If you use your email to introduce yourself with just a few words and don't send them detailed information about the service, most of them will not take the time to ask for details for a second time.

Save them (and yourself) some time, by learning your way through words, by keeping it short, informative, and going straight to the point.

The Warm Leads that reply to this email can be labeled as HOT LEADS, as they went from being Cold to being Warm, and from being Warm to being Hot.

All the conversations that you have from now on with these Hot Leads, can turn them into clients if you take things to another level.

For this, you can send them personalized strategies and emails, try to schedule calls, or even use bigger discounts or special offers in your follow-ups.

Speaking of which, did you check out our article about The importance of Follow-ups and Discounts? Check it out here to add one more final step to the equation.

Now get creative, and start testing.