The importance of Follow-ups & Discounts

Updated: Apr 8

When working with Email Marketing, and even with any other type of sales approach, we must never underestimate the importance of a simple follow-up or a discount.

Back in the days, when we were offering Social Media Marketing services ourselves, we were generating final replies and sales from sending a simple follow-up to all of the people who were interested in hearing more after receiving the opt-in email from our campaign, but never replied back after getting more details.

In our own sales process, we send a few follow-ups in different stages.

Manual Follow-ups to Warm Leads and Hot Leads

Warm Leads Follow-up (Stage 1 / Warm Leads)

The first follow-up that we use is the one sent to people who at first requested details of our service, and after receiving more details from our end, didn't reply back.

A simple reminder asking them if they had the chance to read your information will do.

We usually wait +3 days before sending a follow-up.

These follow-ups will generate new replies so that you could be one step closer to engage in a conversation with a Hot Lead.

If the follow-up generates replies, engage in the most personalized way possible.

Hot Leads Follow-up (Stage 2 / Hot Leads)

We also send a follow-up in the final stages of the conversation with Hot Leads, which are Warm Leads that have replied again. We call these Hot Leads.

When a Hot Lead stops replying to your emails, even tho being highly interested in your service after learning about prices, process, and more, you can send this Follow-up to ask if they are still interested in acquiring the service.

Just ask them if they are still interested in testing the service and add an incentive like a discount.


What can be used as an incentive?

Anything from a discount, to a special offer, to a custom plan, to a super personalized email with personalized recommendations. Free value goes a long way too.

Our personal favorite strategy is to offer discounts to First Time Clients, or sending a personalized paragraph speaking specifically about their website, socials, services and how we could work together to improve their business.

First Discount

The First Discount can be offered as soon as you send your details to your Warm Leads, letting them know that as a First Time client, they can try your service with a discount on their first month.

This discount is great to onboard new clients, and we personally use it with our new clients.

You can also hold this discount to be used as the first incentive for your First Follow-up if your Warm Leads don't reply to your details.

Second Discount

The Second Discount can be offered as a Final Offer.

After receiving a First Discount in your details, you can go ahead and offer a Second Discount to remind them, for the last time, about the service in a follow-up with a bigger discount. Ask them if they are still interested, and if they are, let them know that you are making your final offer with a bigger discount.

We usually offer +%10 in the First Discount.

We have not been using the second discount for some time, but when we were using it, we would go with +%20 on the second discount, although back in the days when doing SMM, we did some aggressive approaches offering %25 in the first discount, and %50 in the second one. This, of course, helped us onboard many new clients when we were starting, but you do your math to keep everything balanced.

Regardless of the percentage of these discounts or the number of follow-ups, both Incentives and Follow-ups are a great way to get back in the game, to make your Warm Leads reply once again, and to genuinely caught attention from your leads to move one step closer to closing a deal.

Don't throw your list of Warm Leads after sending 1 email.

Get back there and incentive them with a nice discount in a friendly follow-up.

If they do reply, get ready to write a personalized email.

Are you using Gmail or Google Workspace to handle Leads? Are you handling a large volume of Warm Leads? Did you know there are ways to semi-automate part of this process? Take a look at our article How to send multiple emails in gmail at once with Follow-ups