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*When sending us your competitors, keep in mind that you can send us the username of your direct local competitors, and you can also go a step further and send us usernames of businesses in your same niche, but not specifically in your same business branch. For example, a hair salon may target a nails salon and they are both in the beauty niche targeting users interested in beauty services.

If you understand how Instagram works, you know that actions to engage with other users on Instagram, like DM, follows or likes, requires the account to be logged in.

To understand more please read F.A.Q. page.

Extracted from Terms Of Service page on login details: "By having the login details of the client, the company provider of the services (SocialPump Co.) is not authorized to change information of the account.

Your account is going to be logged from our selected locations, and after it's verified, actions will begin.

What is Verification?

*Sometimes we may need to perform a verification, which is when Instagram sends a code to your Email Address or to your phone via SMS, to confirm you are granting access to our new IP address. Another way is when Instagram triggers a "Suspicious Login Attempt" from another address. This is when you need to tell Instagram "It was me" to let them know that you are providing us with access to work on your account.

You can change your password now or after the service is done, but we need the password to remain the same for as long as the service is Active.

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