SALE $500/Month

For all websites with up to 10 pages.
Maintaining a website, plus managing payments for the domain provider, hosting provider, apps and external tools, is time-consuming.
Initial payments to design a website may be expensive for startups or small/medium-sized businesses who want to have more presence online and add a new marketing strategy.

To maintain it you need constant learning and practice, and of course, new content and marketing strategies to profit from it!


Websites age quickly and it’s a waste of money to buy a site outright when you can have a site that’s constantly being updated and improved on a lease model. It also keeps your costs constant and predictable. No surprise website costs or repairs, later on, it’s all handled by us. Ultimately we are offering peace of mind about your website. Also, you always have an option to buy the complete website from us outright at any time if you feel you need to for as low as $150/page, and we will hand it over to you to host and support it.

We know your time is valuable and you need to pay more attention to other areas of your business instead of learning online marketing and how to run a website to update it constantly, so why pay $3000 to have your website delivered to you and left alone when we can develop it and manage it for you? 

Your new website would be integrated with marketing tools for your business and you would have a team to maintain it and improve it month after month, applying new offers, content and marketing strategies to make it a valuable tool for your business.

You lease your website for your business

My agency invests the time/resources/money into building our client’s website, the client then pays us monthly to host, maintain, and make as needed changes and improvements on the site over time. We retain ownership of the actual site infrastructure and design and our clients never have to worry about paying for a “new” website ever again and with the systems, we have in place we end up improving their online reach for sales lead generation.

All of the charges are on us
You don't need to pay Domain Providers, Host Providers, and a website manager separately. We take care of everything. From keeping your website online to update it and improve it constantly.

Updates and Improvements
We take care of update your website with all your latest news, offers, promotions, discounts, products/services and more.

We also take care of improving your website with marketing ideas developed specifically for your business like Lead Generation strategies and constant SEO improvement with new content.


Standard Monthly Management & Lease plan for Website.

For all websites with up to 10 pages.

**This service is ONLY for Management & Lease to keep your website online and updated every month**

If you are looking to create a new website check our Website Development services.

  • Website Online 24/7 

  • Constant updates with the latest news on your products/services and your business overall.

  • Advanced SEO Improvements ( Keywords Research, 4 articles of +1000 words and +1 article of 2000 words SEO optimized)

  • Priority support

  • Marketing ideas and recommendations for your business and your website

We are in constant communication with you, and we will use all of the insights and information from your business to keep your website updated.


Constant Updates

You can let us know each time something new is added to your business or your latest news, and we will take care of updating your website with style.

Use your priority support to keep in touch and keep us posted on your business.

SEO Improvements

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's a series of changes and arrangements in different sections of your website to improve the chances of appearing on Google's searches for specific Keywords.

We will have ready 4 articles of +1000 words and 1 article of +2000 words SEO optimized to upload to your website. This will improve SEO in the long term.

You can publish these articles in a BLOG that we will take care of updates with high-quality information on your industry and your business. We will be like your own newspaper while improving your reach on Search Engines.

The case for having a website in today’s world is very strong. Almost all the businesses surveyed said they planned to have a website by the end of the year. Are you part of this group? Make it a reality with our service today, and see how easy it is!


Only updates within the actual structure of the website can be done, with a few exceptions on minor changes.

A new design from scratch is considered a new Website Development service and can't be done within your Management & Lease monthly service.


*One Time Payment

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*Not Necessary to have a PayPal account if you Pay with CC

*By purchasing you agree with our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

$500 USD/Month

  • Website Online 24/7 

  • Constant updates with the latest news on your products/services and your business overall.

  • Advanced SEO Improvements ( Keywords Research, 4 articles of +1000 words and +1 article of 2000 words SEO optimized)

  • Priority support

  • Marketing ideas and recommendations for your business and your website

*More details at the bottom of the page


GET IN TOUCH via Email or via our Live Chat Support.

We are here to help!



I have more than 10 pages / I have an e-commerce with lots of pages, how should  I proceed?

In this case, you should contact us via the Live Chat or via Email where we will create a custom plan for your needs with more features.

Get in touch and we will develop the best plan for your needs.

Do I have to pay any extras on top of your management fee?

No, you don't. We take care not only of updating and improving your website but also of maintaining the website online with domain and hosting active.

Priority Support

Constant communication and support for your business.

We will also help you with Online Marketing recommendations and ideas to improve your sales even more. It's all that we want, for your business to grow exponentially.

Can I have specific requests or custom features for my service?

Yes, of course. For Custom Plans please contact us via our Live Chat or Email. We will be with you immediately.


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